Tel Aviv University: An international hub for excellence and opportunity

“TAU is a world-class university residing in one of the most dynamic cities in the world. Jews and non-Jews alike are attracted to study there"

A sought-after global hub

Tel Aviv University (TAU) has become a top choice for international students, offering numerous study programs and scholarship opportunities. With more than 30,000 students, 2000 of whom are international, TAU boasts a diverse campus with 55 per cent women, 130 research institutes, 125 schools and departments, and nine faculties.

TAU has been ranked as the number one choice for Israeli students, the fifth in world ranking for entrepreneurship, and a top 100 innovation university.

The Lowy International School, funded generously by Sir Frank Lowy, is dedicated to welcoming 2000 students from 100 countries annually. The school provides a home for visiting scholars and international research collaborations, where international students enjoy support from the Student Life Team, consisting of experienced “madrichim” who help maximize their experience on campus and in Israel.

Tel Aviv University

“Our international students and scholars already bring so much to Tel Aviv University,” said Maureen Adiri Meyer, director of The Lowy International School. “We’re privileged to now be able to create a truly great home for bringing the world to Tel Aviv and Tel Aviv to the world.”

TAU offers an increasing number of courses in English, including a gap year/semester program, three bachelor’s programs, six study abroad programs, 15 short-term programs and 18 master’s programs.

Highlights include:

• a customisable gap year (or semester) program for high school graduates to embark on a pre-university journey in a structured, academically stimulating environment at TAU, joining a vibrant community of international and Israeli peers.

• BA in Liberal Arts, a dual-degree program in partnership with Columbia University in New York, enabling students to study at two universities across two cities and earn two degrees within four years.

• BA in Management and Liberal Arts, a three-year, double-major program combining multi-disciplinary studies and an in-depth focus on entrepreneurship. This program offers a comprehensive education in management studies, paired with a solid foundation in humanities and social sciences, and includes student exchange, internship and mentoring opportunities in the third year of studies.

Supported opportunities

TAU is proud to offer a wide range of scholarship opportunities for Australian students. These scholarships aim to provide world-class academic studies, unique Israeli insights and a life-changing immersive experience in Tel Aviv, one of the world’s most dynamic cities.

The Australian Friends of Tel Aviv University (AFTAU) Victoria Scholarship Fund, established in 1995, annually awards five scholarships worth US$5000 each to deserving students who demonstrate academic merit, financial need and a strong commitment to their chosen field of study.

In addition, TAU offers a study abroad experience for students from partner universities in Australia, allowing them to study at TAU while immersing themselves in a new culture and earning credits towards their degree. The AFTAU Victoria Scholarship Fund covers on-campus accommodation costs for students participating in these programs, available for one semester or a full year.

Tel Aviv University

The AFTAU NSW Scholarship Fund provides further opportunities for students based in NSW to undertake exchange studies at TAU. For example, Macquarie University has an exchange agreement with TAU for MBA students, with each scholarship worth up to $10,000 to cover travel, accommodation and living costs.

Aspiring musicians can also benefit from the Buchmann-Mehta School of Music’s International Free-Tuition Program for Outstanding Students. This elite music school, partnered with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, offers students worldwide the opportunity to study with Israel’s finest musicians in a free-tuition program, with selective living stipends and housing.

With plans to develop a more expansive Australian Scholarship Fund for Australian students, David Solomon, CEO of AFTAU, said: “TAU is a world-class university residing in one of the most dynamic cities in the world. Jews and non-Jews alike are attracted to study there – for good reason. With more and more undergraduate and graduate programs, short courses and the Gap Year program – all of which are in English – there is no reason why TAU shouldn’t be on the radar of all school leavers in Australia.

“Our objective is to provide as much opportunity and incentive as possible for high-calibre students to study at TAU, increase their connection to and relationship with Israel, then bring their learnings home for the benefit of Australia”.

75 for 75

In honour of Israel’s 75th anniversary, AFTAU has launched a special scholarship drive – the “75 for 75” campaign – to raise

75 scholarships to support Israeli students from diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds and increase accessibility to higher education for Israelis in outlying communities.

According to Solomon, many of the students who stand to benefit from this campaign will be the first in their families to attend university. “Only approximately 60 per cent of students who meet TAU’s eligibility criteria for a scholarship are successfully granted one, due to insufficient funding. As a result, over 900 students per year miss out on tertiary education solely for financial reasons,” said Solomon.

“The ’75 for 75′ campaign aims to bridge this gap and has gained support from Friends of Tel Aviv University groups in other countries worldwide. TAU has played a critical role in Israel’s growth and leadership since its inception, with TAU graduates making significant contributions in technology, innovation, agriculture and biomedicine on both a national and global scale.

“By supporting this campaign, AFTAU encourages everyone to contribute to Israel’s future innovation, enabling exceptional young students to realise their academic potential and make a lasting impact on the world”.

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