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The Be’eri Forest Revival Project

"It is a symbol of resilience and hope that has deep roots in the history of the western Negev,” says Ronit Fraid.

Photo: Avi Balaban KKL archive
Photo: Avi Balaban KKL archive

In celebration of this year’s Tu B’Shvat, the new year for trees, JNF has launched its annual Green Sunday appeal on Sunday, 11 February to revive the Be’eri Forest destroyed in the October 7 massacre.

A symbol of resilience, the Be’eri Forest Revival Project aims to replace the unspeakable destruction by planting seeds of hope.

“The communities of the Gaza Envelope and their once-thriving forests now stand as silent witnesses to the horrors faced by the residents of western Negev in the wake of the devastating events of October 7th,” JNF Victoria president Ronit Fraid explained. “The ashes of what were once vibrant local forests serve as a stark reminder of the fragility of life and nature in the region.”

JNF Australia, in collaboration with KKL-JNF in Israel, will utilise the Green Sunday appeal to focus on the Be’eri Forest, the area of the Nova Music Festival, where thousands of young people gathered to enjoy a weekend of music and peace.

Photo: Alex Kolomoisky archive

“It is a symbol of resilience and hope that has deep roots in the history of the western Negev,” Fraid said. “Planted by Zionist pioneers in 1946, the first seeds of Be’eri Forest were sown as an act of hope for a future marked by new life, agricultural prosperity, and thriving communities.”

To JNF, the restoration of the Be’eri Forest is not merely a project but a crucial step in the healing process for the people of Israel. Renewing and rebuilding the land as a symbol of hope in the heart of the Gaza Envelope and a commitment to the safety and well-being of Israel’s residents.

“As we celebrate Tu B’shvat let us come together to restore life, growth, and prosperity to the Be’eri Forest,” Fraid said. “Your generosity will not only rejuvenate the land but will also sow the seeds of hope and healing in the hearts of those who call this region home.”

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