All abilities musicians band together

The Candle Snakes perform at Inclusion Rocks

All abilities musicians band together

The Candle Snakes from left Ari Palti, Mattie Michael and Geoffrey Thorsen.
The Candle Snakes from left Ari Palti, Mattie Michael and Geoffrey Thorsen.

The Local Taphouse on Carlisle Street was the venue for the latest Inclusion Rocks event held on Tuesday, August 8.

Geoffrey Thorsen, Ari Palti and Mattie Michael are the musicians in The Candle Snakes, an all-abilities band that headlined the event. They organised a line-up of talented musicians of all abilities for the one-night event.

The band is auspiced by EdAble, a not-for-profit Social Enterprise dedicated to employment opportunities for people with autism spectrum disorder and other disabilities.

The Inclusion Rocks team believes in the transformative potential of this type of event.

“We’re excited about the prospect of hosting more rocking evenings that celebrate the talents of our diverse community.

“This is an opportunity for people of all abilities to showcase their talents, equally on the same stage,” they said.

The infectious enthusiasm and skilled performances of both neurodiverse and neurotypical musicians had patrons on their feet in no time.

The blend of music, talent and positive vibes made for an exhilarating atmosphere that had the 130-strong audience grooving to the beat.

MCs Harley Rose and Matt Beaconsfield introduced a line-up of support talent including Asher Stanton, Frankie Greenstone, Bradley Bruckner, The Doormen and Christopher Wright.

The event displayed the power of music as a unifying force, transcending boundaries and fostering a sense of togetherness where differences melted away, replaced by the shared joy of the music.

One of the audience members, Hilton Hack, said, “It was an absolute pleasure to witness the incredible talents of these musicians of all abilities; their joy was infectious.”

One of the venue owners said, “It combines two core values of The Local, making everyone that walks in the door feel welcome and [our] longstanding celebration of all things art.” The Local Taphouse supported the event by donating the door takings to EdAble.

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