What is The Tent Project?
The Tent Project

What is The Tent Project?

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Are you Jewish and under 40?  Are you an experienced writer looking to reach a wider readership or a new writer looking to get started?  Have you never written before but have something to say?  

The Australian Jewish News is launching The Tent Project to provide access to a global audience and the tailored training to help you do so.

Share your opinions and perspectives and celebrate your cultural identity through any facet of your life, ideas, opinions, reflections, learning, stories, and humour with readers from around the globe. We welcome new contributors who have something interesting to say, and a knack for saying it well.  If you are a thought-leader, poet, propagandist, idealist, whistle-blower, storyteller, or humourist… we want to hear your views.

The Tent Project is guided by a commitment to seek truth, foster community, embrace diversity, promote learning and aim for excellence.  Contribute to the Jewish community reflecting on psychotherapy sessions, documenting Holocaust survivor’s experiences, engaging in Jewish scholarship, doling out advice and tips, lampooning politicians, reporting on campus anti-Semitism, recommending tourist destinations, sharing holiday recipes and much more. There are photo essays, diatribes, short stories, poems, petitions, promotions or even serializing book-length projects.

More information soon.

Funding for The Tent Project has been provided by the NSW Government

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