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The uPVC advantage for windows and doors

uPVC can make your home quieter, they require no maintenance, and are very eco-friendly.

The quality of material and technology used in windows and doors can make all the difference to comfort and style in your home, and to the environment too. Enertec products, featuring uPVC instead of aluminium, can make your home quieter, they require no maintenance, and are very eco-friendly.

Zero maintenance

Enertec’s windows and doors are colour fade resistant, which is so important when functioning in Australia’s harsh and unpredictable conditions. They never need to be re-sanded or repainted as is necessary with timber products, and they will not oxidise or fade as is often the case with aluminium windows and doors. Another significant benefit is uPVC maintains its shape all year round. Double glazed uPVC windows and doors offer the same energy efficiency as high-performance double-glazed timber windows and doors but are more affordable, and do not require maintenance.

Efficient uPVC frames, accompanied by argon-filled double glazing, makes them an unbeatable combination, and unlike aluminium, uPVC does not transfer hot or cold – it will match the internal room temperature in all seasons. Enertec’s uPVC frames have a steel core that makes them stronger than aluminium, and surrounding chambers provide essential insulation.

Reduced noise

We live in a busy world, where outside noise is often a significant intruder into the comfort of our homes and buildings. Noise disturbances from outside can be reduced to one-eighth the original level using Enertec’s high-quality products, which in turn helps create a more relaxing and peaceful internal environment. Sound reduction is achieved when combining multiple components, including multiple chambers that exist within Enertec’s uPVC profile. Their high quality double-glazed glass and multiple sealers and insulators form part of the Enertec system, and their windows can reach a sound reduction coefficient performance of 45 decibels (according to EN ISO 140-3).

Eco friendly

Enertec understands the importance of minimising environmental impact through its manufacturing processes. Their windows are made from large amounts of recycled PVC, meaning little new plastic is required when manufacturing the window and door profiles, and all profiles are 100 per cent recyclable. Enertec’s window and door selection is free from non-degradable PVC stabilisers, such as cadmium and lead, which are used by some companies to achieve resilience against weather damage and UV light. The fact that Enertec’s windows and doors offer such incredible insulation qualities results in less energy consumption by customers, which in turn benefits the environment.

For more information, visit enertecwindows.com.au

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