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The way nature intended

Honey - the way nature intended.

In 1920, Mr. James Archibald bought a farm in the Mallee with beehives on it and his son Robert developed a keen, lifelong interest in bees and honey. As a commercial beekeeper, he did not agree with honey bought and sold on colour, as was the case then. He was so adamant that honey should be sold on flavour that he started packing and selling the honey varieties we see today.

With the motto “honey the way nature intended”, Archibald’s Honey only sells top grade premium Australian honey which is produced away from cities and pollutants using traditional natural methods. Processed as little as possible to keep all nutrients intact, Archibald’s only warm the honey until it is liquid, then run it through a bag strainer that collects any large particles and most of the beeswax. The warming process is unique to Archibald’s Honey, as it leads to honey that is not damaged or burnt by heat, which lasts a decent amount of time in the jar before starting to crystallise.

Archibald’s Honey is pleased to be able to provide a way for all Australians to taste and enjoy their premium honey varieties individually or in bulk.

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