Tips for choosing a florist

Tips for choosing a florist

Dedicated weddings and events floral specialist Henna Meltzer offers the following tips when it comes to selecting the all-important florist for their wedding day:

Henna Meltzer focuses her time, creativity and efforts on ensuring that each of her events is unique and reflective of the people and occasion that it celebrates. Armed with rich experience from working in the New York-based events sector, coupled with deep influence from an artistic family tradition inherited from her ballet dancer and florist grandmother, Henna suggests the following to couples when choosing their wedding day florist.

1. Let your florist get to know you.

Henna loves every part of a wedding project, from receiving a brief, brainstorming with her couples, to finally turning their vision into reality. However, one of the important puzzle pieces, according to her, is the first consultation. “I love the opportunity to meet potential wedding clients at their homes. Being in their homes allows me great insight into their personal style, the type of decor they lean towards, and it also allows them to be comfortable in their own space and show me their true personalities. “All this plays an important role in giving me inspiration to find the right look and feel for a couple’s wedding day. But I also see each project as so much more than just the bridal bouquet or the table arrangements on a specific day – it is about helping a couple celebrate their love in a setting that will continue to inspire them and remind them of the joy and love they experienced.”

2. Find a florist who you trust

Trust, according to Henna, is the most important factor in a successful relationship between herself and her couples. Henna points out that it is important for couples to understand that floral design process can never be set in stone, and is highly dependent on weather, market availability, adapting to venues and also having faith that their chosen florist will be able to problem-solve creatively to still produce the floral creations of their dreams. “I welcome my couples to start their inspiration journey by showing me images of what they think they would like. However, these are just images, and often do not accurately reflect the stories and personalities of the couples. “What I do is take their preferred style and ideas, elevate and enhance it with who they are and what their love story represents, and create a bespoke floral story that is uniquely theirs. Remaining open and unattached from a rigid mindset is the key to gaining the most beautiful possible result, which can often produce a better outcome than what was ever imagined.”

3. Factor flowers in at an early stage

Henna points out that the flowers for an event may at first appear secondary, yet they create a significant background effect, the very substantial impact of which is often underestimated. “Try not to leave the floral planning to a late stage,” says Henna, “as this can result in compromises and, sadly, disappointment. “We all know and are still often surprised at how much weddings cost. It’s so important to talk openly about the budget and costs at an early stage. Because of their natural beauty and occurrence, we tend to think of flowers as a low-cost item. Beautiful flowers and the careful design and creative input in bringing a beautiful event together can be costly. I always encourage couples to discuss florals early in their wedding planning and to speak with a florist about their floral dream vision while agreeing on the wedding budget. Engaging in the ‘floral discussion’ early ensures we have the time, freedom and flexibility to consider a range of design and cost options to achieve something truly magical.”

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