US election: a Bizzaro world

Donald Trump. Photo: AFP/Brendan Smialowski
Donald Trump. Photo: AFP/Brendan Smialowski

ONLY in a Bizzaro world could Joe Biden become anointed President elect in an election that has not been officially called or determined. Only in a Bizzaro world would leaders from around the world call and congratulate him before the results are authenticated. The biggest shock was Bibi Netanyahu who has never had a better friend and ally than Donald J Trump, who knows Biden is going to reconnect with Iran, and start paying Palestinians to kill Israelis again, it makes no sense that he jumped in so quickly with his congratulations, it could only happen in a Bizzaro world.

Only in a Bizzaro world where Donald Trump had tens of thousands turning out to rallies all over the country, and when Joe Biden crawled out of his basement, and even had President Obama on stage with him, together they could only get 50 people out, only in this type of Bizzaro world could anyone believe over 70 million people suddenly came out to vote for Joe Biden.  When Trump supporters all over the country showed up in droves to vote in person on election day and show their love and support, could the fake media who had been forecasting a landslide victory for Biden, maintain there was no voter fraud by the Democrats. It’s a Bizzaro world.

For two years Democrats have been petitioning courts to change the way mail in ballots are counted and verified. For months there have been stories on the news about ballots not being printed and mailed properly, and way too many being sent out. For four years Democrats have been attacking, dehumanising, impeaching disrespecting Trump in every way, but in this Bizzaro world the fake news media would have us believe that there was no ballot tampering and the vote and count was totally legitimate?  Are we no longer allowed to use common sense and logic? 

Joe Biden got more actual votes than Obama when he was elected at the height of his popularity wave. On the brink of dementia, barely leaving his basement to campaign, corruption investigations into his whole family, and in this Bizzaro world we are supposed to believe all is good and right and all of a sudden, the Democrats played fair in this election?

Even Australian commentators with previous common sense have so quickly conceded to this Bizzaro world narrative. Paul Murray, Andrew Bolt, stalwarts of common sense and Trump supporters are actually buying into the narrative trying to normalise this Biden is the President elect narrative. 

Biden sounds reasonable and unifying, but it was less than a week ago his supporters were burning cities to the ground and defunding the police. In this Bizzaro world have these people become normal overnight? Is Kamala not really going to send millions to the Palestinians as she has said? Will taxes not go up? Will Biden and his family stop taking money from China, Russia and the Ukraine all of a sudden?  Will they not bow to the extreme left in their ranks who insist on Politically Correct speech that allows hundreds of genders but will not allow free speech to normal genders. How much more Bizarro will the world get if these sensitive snowflakes are given the right to control everyone? 

It is obvious to everyone that Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube not only influence us but have actually been controlling coverage of the election and our private messaging, so will they now be given the power to not only control our communication but report and discipline us for our private thoughts? This is beyond Bizarro because we have seen a pregnant mother in Melbourne arrested for promoting a protest on Facebook. Her first time exercising her right to encourage others to participate in what she believed in and Dictator Dan had the police go to her house and put handcuffs on her in front of her children. Folks, it’s happening here today in Melbourne Australia, so what hope is there for the USA if Donald J Trump is not reinstated as President elect for four more years. 

I believe most Americans are good honest people, I saw them come out in droves because they recognised the truth about Donald J Trump, they saw beyond the lies and abuse perpetrated by the Democrats. With women in top posts throughout his administration they called him a misogynist.  With all the blacks in top positions in his administration and the initiatives he instigated in black colleges and neighbourhoods, they still called him a racist. With the improvements he made in the living conditions and employment opportunities for migrants who proudly became legal citizens of the USA in this Bizzaro world the Democrats managed to convince naive and gullible elites that they did not like Donald J Trump. History tells the truth, and history will tell a very different story about Donald J Trump as he completes his second term as President of the United States.

Lily Steiner is an active member of the community, radio host on J-AIR and lifelong advocate for Israel.

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