Hebrew University of Jerusalem is seeking Australian Students

Visiting Jewish schools on a scouting mission

"We have marked the Melbourne market as one of our goals," he said.

Maor Tirry admires St Kilda Shule's sukkah with Rabbi Yaakov Glasman.
Maor Tirry admires St Kilda Shule's sukkah with Rabbi Yaakov Glasman.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI) currently has about 2000 international students enrolled.

“Our goal is to increase this number,” said Maor Tirry, international research community coordinator.

“We believe that expanding our international admissions will achieve a greater mix of ideas, methodologies and cultures that can take us as far as possible in terms of our research, in terms of our purposes, and what we can achieve in sociology.

“So, my purpose on this trip is to get more Australian students to enrol at HUJI.”

In March this year, Israeli airline El Al announced it would be launching the first nonstop flights between Israel and Australia, with Melbourne as the chosen destination.

“Direct flights from Australia to Israel will make it an easier choice to study in Israel,” Tirry said. “And we are also aware of the incredible minds that you have here.”

HUJI offers its 24,000 students over 200 academic programs, taught at six different campuses and covering a very wide range of disciplines.

Each campus houses specific faculties and schools so that students are affiliated with one of the campuses according to their fields of study.

Monash University is considered similar to HUJI.

HUJI’s international students studying for a bachelor or master’s degree are mainly from Europe and the USA.

Tirry’s role is to visit local Jewish schools and public secondary schools to encourage students to consider going to Israel to undertake their tertiary education at HUJI.

He also spoke recently at St Kilda Shule.

“We have marked the Melbourne market as one of our goals,” he said.

He has visited Melbourne eight times and met his Australian wife on one of those trips.

“Israelis love Australia.

“We have this great visa deal between Israel and Australia that allows Israelis to come every year and work here. You see thousands of military service graduates coming here and holidaying and working.”

For more information contact Maor Tirry at phdlife@savion.huji.ac.il

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