When green is more than just a school colour
Firbank Grammar School

When green is more than just a school colour

Meet the future of school uniforms.

Wrapped in compostable packaging, with buttons made of tree nuts, fabric made from recycled marine plastic and knitted with solar power – meet the future school uniform.

Firbank Grammar School has partnered with the Marine Mammal Foundation in leading the education community with the first complete sports and academic eco school uniform. Principal Jenny Williams said that having the eco uniforms allows students to develop and grow while creating desirable and long-lasting pieces that the community loves and is proud of.

Designer Kit Willow, considered by many to be Australia’s answer to Stella McCartney, has created what is believed to be the first fully sustainable school uniform in the country for Melbourne’s Firbank Grammar. “It was an exciting opportunity because, in this one project, you can reach so many young minds who are then going to go on to make impactful decisions,” said Willow. “It’s so much more meaningful and impactful than selling 10 dresses a day in a boutique.”

Any synthetic fibres used, such as a Lycra-style material for the school swimsuits, has been made with recycled marine litter, and knitted with machines powered with solar energy. At the end of each uniform’s life cycle, it can be recycled or simply left to decompose in the case of organic materials.

The uniforms will be available for Firbank students to wear from Term 1 next year.

For more information on Firbank Grammar School, visit firbank.vic.edu.au

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