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“From the moment a client begins thinking about moving to Israel, or purchasing an investment property in Israel, I am ready to help, and will be there to guide them"

Armed with almost three decades of invaluable knowledge of Israel’s real estate market, a finesse for marketing, expertise in Israel’s legal system, and a genuine love for helping people, Iris Milstein has been an essential advocate and guide for many international families who have made the exciting move to call Israel their new home.

Purchasing a new property, even locally, is no doubt a demanding and often-stressful journey. For buyers interested in securing their new home or future investment property in Israel, the many questions and unknowns of embarking on this endeavour in a foreign market can become even more intimidating and frustrating.

Milstein, who operates a luxury real estate agency based in Herzliya Pituach in Israel, has come to the aid and service of many individuals and families in search of a helping hand.

“From the moment a client begins thinking about moving to Israel, or purchasing an investment property in Israel, I am ready to help, and will be there to guide them every step of the way,” said Milstein.

Attentive service

Milstein, who was born in the USA and studied law in England, understands firsthand the intricacies of living abroad. She worked as a lawyer in Israel for many years before harnessing her personal passion in real estate and marketing to begin Square 34 in 2014 as an invaluable service for international clients.

“I listen, I understand, and I try to make each client’s unique journey as smooth-sailing and comfortable as possible.

“The first step is for me to ask detailed questions to fully understand the needs and wishes of my clients. Many of them come to me already with an idea of where in Israel they’d like to live or invest in, be it Herzliya Pituach, Nof Yam, Marina Herzliya or Tel Aviv. I then go deeper to find out what is important to them – whether it’s proximity to schools or synagogues, how many bedrooms, types and size of property, features like a swimming pool, etc. With this brief in mind, my team and I then go out to find properties that fit these criteria, and present options for consideration.

“I have strong and trusted relationships with some of the most reputable agencies and developers in Israel, and only work with the most dependable and trustworthy people in the industry. This gives my clients the reassurance that not only will they have access to the finest properties on the market, their valuable time and investment will also be well-spent with ­credible and prestigious businesses,” explained Milstein.

Beyond the basics

Milstein’s involvement and assistance extends far beyond helping clients secure their dream property in Israel. From navigating the legal process of property purchasing to coordinating renovations, recommending trusted service providers, and managing the finer details of a family relocation, Milstein dedicates herself to ensuring her clients are supported every step of the way.

“If a client is purchasing a property with the intention of renting it out either short or long-term, or for future retirement plans, I will connect my clients with agencies that specialise in short-term rentals, ensure their property is well-maintained by the best caretakers, or present them with up-and-coming development projects by reputable developers that will make for valuable investment options.

“Real estate values in Israel continue to climb steadily. For examples, development projects bought off-the-plan a few years ago have already increased in value by around 30-40 per cent by the time the properties were ready.

“On the other hand, if a client is relocating their family, then I am happy to take a hands-on approach and help them settle into their new life comfortably. From helping clients speak to schools and synagogues to assisting with setting up utilities and giving recommendations on daily life essentials, like where to eat and shop, I am there to welcome my clients to Israel with open and caring arms,” said Milstein.

A trusted friend

Milstein is proud of the many families and individuals she has assisted with relocating to and investing in Israel over the years, and treasures the relationships that she has gained.

“Many of my closest friends today began as my clients years ago. I view each client that comes to me as a friend asking for help. I will not sell them a house purely for the sake of making a sale, or send them to businesses that I do not trust and use myself.

“Similarly, I do not take on many clients at once – I want to be able to provide each client with the time, attention and care they deserve, and ensure that I am available to help when they need me to.”

Milstein, who loves living in Herzliya Pituach, actively encourages Jews living abroad to consider purchasing property in Israel.

“With the global level of antisemitism rising, having the safety net of owning a property in Israel means there will always be a safe place to call home. Israel enjoys glorious weather like Australia, we are a warm and welcoming society, we have some of the most beautiful cuisine and beaches in the world, and whether for a holiday, retirement or a new life – Israel will always be a good choice,” said Milstein.

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