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Here are some handy tips from Table of Plenty on how to design an eye-catching and mouth-watering grazing board.

Grazing spreads are all the rage these days, and understandably so. Magnificent to look at and a great opportunity to add excitement, colour and creativity to any occasion, beautiful grazing platters make catering for both small and large groups simple and dynamic.

Working with food styling experts Just Grazing Through and Feast & Co, the team at Table of Plenty offer these useful tips on creating your own grazing work of art:

  1. The staple products on a grazing board are: cheeses, dips, antipasti condiments, fruit and crackers. Make sure you cover all your bases, and try and tick off at least two products from each staple category.
  2. Aim for at least two types of cheeses – they hold platters and grazing boards together! Our go-to options are Brie and Stilton.
  3. Always include your favourite deli products like olives and sun-dried tomatoes; good quality antipasti go so well on a grazing board.
  4. Fruits are the perfect way to add colour and flavour to make your board even more exciting. Always pick fruits that are fresh and in season; bunches of red grapes, fresh strawberries and our personal favourite, ruby red grapefruits. Another uniquely stunning fruit is the pink dragon fruit – that will surely bump up the colour factor to your board. Add dried fruits like apricots and figs to give some rustic texture and flavour too.
  5. Don’t be afraid to add sweet products for bold and delicious flavours. Sprinkle some nuts and dark chocolate to add more volume to your board, and cookies and chocolate-covered pretzels are a decadent addition as well.
  6. Stuck on how to put it together? Start by placing down your cheeses separate from each other but close to the edge of the board for easy access. Use jars or small bowls for your dips and any messy condiments, placed separately across the board. Then build around them by adding crackers and/or breads, and begin to fill the gaps with fresh fruit, and other sweet treats.
  7. Finally, tie your whole grazing board together with Table of Plenty Rice Cakes. They’re light, delicious and healthy, making them the perfect addition to add some crunchy texture to your board. Naturally popped with no added nasties, Table of Plenty’s new rice cakes come in two delicious flavours of Rosemary & Sea Salt with black rice and ancient grains, and Black Pepper & Chia with organic black rice. Gluten-free and vegan-friendly, these rice cakes only contain five calories per cake, and make for the perfect addition to a beautiful grazing board.

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