Grassroots campaigns bring hope and help

Grassroots campaigns bring hope and help

A number of small grassroots efforts have sprung up to support Israel.

Donated suitcases for Operation Golda.
Donated suitcases for Operation Golda.

Aside from the major fundraising campaigns for Israel that have been launched in Australia since October 7 by organisations such as UIA, MDA, JNF, and others, small grassroots efforts have sprung up.

In Sydney, these include Operation Golda, formed by Shoshana Eisner and her son, Ariel.

The project started via a callout through a WhatsApp group, and grew to more than 1000 members within five days. Their idea was to source and send to Israel – through donations – urgently needed supplies, including critical first aid equipment. The first callout was for suitcases to pack them in, and within hours, she had plenty.

More than 300 volunteers have since given their time.

The scope has expanded to helping Israelis in Australia to find airline tickets home, beds to sleep in, meal deliveries, and free babysitting.

For more information about Operation Golda, phone 0452 123 613, email or visit

On November 5 in Sydney, Ben and Domino Ezekiel have organised a ‘Steps in Solidarity’ 18km run, with all proceeds going to ZDVO.

Some registered participants have pledged to wear 20kg vests, to symbolise the weight carried daily by those serving on the frontline.

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And a small Australian charity called Helping A Friend in Need (HAFIN) has launched an appeal page on the My Cause platform in which people wanting to support multiple key charities in Israel, through tax-deductible donations, can do so through provided links.

“We will make sure all funds raised will go to the selected charity,” a HAFIN coordinator said.

The site can be visited at

In Melbourne, Miri Lipsker, and her crew of volunteers, believe that rather than fighting evil with evil, you fight by adding light.

In that vein, they have already packed 6600 tealight candles that are being distributed around Melbourne.

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Clinical psychologist Sara Newstead will hold a free mindfulness session about practical ways to deal with stress, on October 22.

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Yoga instructor Lauren Stern from Tava Yoga Caulfield is offering free classes to the local community.

Email for further details.

And while running in last weekend’s Melbourne Half Marathon, young Maccabi Victoria Athletics Club coach Jarrod Zuchowski, and his close friends Brodie Mond and Jonah Bell, raised $19,000 through sponsorships for MDA.

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